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Tyrol Air Ambulance is one of the leading flight ambulances in Europe thanks to top medical standards, individual solutions and a global network.

In medical emergencies abroad, Tyrol Air Ambulance provides help. For about four decades, the team has accompanied the internationally renowned flight ambulance has accompanied injured and sick persons to back home or to a hospital with adequate medical care. Some three thousand patients and their relatives are looked after on board every year. Thanks to a global network and cooperation, the deployment range of Tyrol Air Ambulance is virtually unlimited.

Equipped for every special case

The deployment range of Tyrol Air Ambulance includes single and multiple transports, wing-to-wing arrangements, scheduled flight accompanying as well as special transports with individually adjusted intensive medical equipment, for instance for the transport of obese patients, children or the newborn. Contemporary apparatus equipment forms the basis for the best possible medical care of the patients. In addition, carers, doctors, pilots and rescue teams on the ground make up a committed and highly professional crew.  Where required, it is supported by the psychosocial team. By being embedded in the Welcome Aviation Group, Tyrol Air Ambulance has a fleet of the most varied aircraft types.

In the service of patients since 1976

In summer 1976 the first injured person was flown home by Tyrol Air Ambulance (at the time still Tyrolean Air Ambulance). In 1990 as scheduled air ambulance service was established – unique in the world at the time. After a management buy-out in 1999, the company became part of the Welcome Air Group; in April 2000 it was renamed as Tyrol Air Ambulance.

 Tyrol Air Ambulance fact box

Established  in Innsbruck in 1976
Management  Manfred Helldoppler
Employees   > 80
  approx. 80 freelance doctors and nurses
  • 2 Gulfstream 100 ambulance
  • 3 Citation Brav
Patients per year  > 2300


Tyrol Air Ambulance GmbH
Tel.: +43 (0)512 22 4 22

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