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Transportation of infectious patients

Safe transport of patients with infectious diseases in a special isolation chamber – from babies to adults

For the transport of most patients with infectious diseases (e.g. COVID-19, MERS or Malaria) we have isolation chambers available which have been specially adapted by Air Ambulance Technology for our Citation Bravo and Gulfstream 100 aircraft. These systems are state-of-the-art and work with negative pressure, which reduces the germ load and thus minimizes the risk of contamination of the environment.

Our isolation chambers are suitable for the transport from babies to adults, even for intensive care patients. In the incubator we use for pediatric transports even babies, who still need such a support can be transported safely and with the best medical care.

With this isolation chambers it is possible for us to guarantee an infection-free transport chain of an infectious patient without having to make any concessions in medical care. In order to avoid problems when reloading patients at the airports, we preferably offer bed-to-bed service for these transports. However, should security aspects not make this possible, a handover at the airport can also be arranged.

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